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Sign up to BIYOME’s Yoga & Meditation training courses by June 30 to receive your FREE WEEKEND YOGA RETREAT plus a FRIDAY MEDITATION RETREAT. Mid-year intake applications now open for the following Biyome Yoga Teacher Training Courses: 200IYTT Integrative Yoga Teacher Training200KYTT Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training200RYTT/350RYTT Restorative Yoga Teacher Training350YTT Personalised Biomedical Yoga Teacher Training500YTT …

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30-Day Online Trial Period

When you partner with BIYOME in a Yoga Teacher Training Course or a Meditation Teacher Training Course, you shall receive a free 30-day trial period! Offer ends 31st of January 2021. By applying and completing the full registration* process to any** of our online courses you shall be given full access for 30 days knowing that, should you not be satisfied with …

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Science of Awe Found Within

Science of Awe Found Within

                  Life is full of beautiful moments. Some, we wish we could hold onto forever and ‘freeze frame’ some of the awe inspiring moments in life….                   When we find ourselves in a spectacular natural setting, the awe experienced can be truly wonderful. Clinically speaking, psychologists define awe as “a complex emotion arising from a …

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ABC Radio interview: Top tip for breathing through anxiety with Celia Roberts

Socially phobic and panicky people are advised to slow their breathing before tackling a feared situation or at any time they feel anxious. So how can breathing help with anxiety? Click here for ABC Radio Interview  If you would like to contact Celia to learn more about the meditation teacher training journey, please do visit …

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The Science of Heart Consciousness

Ancient philosophers such as Aristotle believed that the heart was the human body’s center of intelligence. Today, we dismiss this interpretation because modern science now understands that the brain is our central processor. However, we should not completely disregard the wisdom of ancient thinkers. The heart is not simply an organ that pumps blood across …

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Science of Pranayama – Breath is Medicine

The solution to the problem is always you. Always true Modern life, despite all the technological advancements, cannot seem to prevent people from experiencing an ever-increasing amount of stress and anxiety. As clinicians scramble to find drugs to alleviate these problems, which can often be contraindications, ancient practices seem to be overlooked as adequate and …

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Enter ‘The Matrix’

“The Matrix” is a concept that stems from the ancient yoga text, the Yoga Vasistha. This is often considered “the crown jewel” of the Ancient Vedic scriptures and is written by Sage Vasistha. The text explores the nature of our own existence, reality and dissolutionand the illusory nature of the Universe… The question has always …

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