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Derived from the word danda = staff, and asana = pose. Thus, Dandasana means “Staff Pose”. How to perform Dandasana 1. Sit on the ground with your legs placed together, stretched out in front of you. If you feel that your body is leaning back, it may be due to the range of your hamstrings …

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Derived from the roots baka = crane, and asana = pose. Thus, Bakasana means “crane pose”. How to Perform Bakasana 1. Begin by standing in Tadasana. Then, squat downwards and keep your inner feet a few inches apart. If you are unable to place your heels on the ground, support them with a thickly folded …

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Derived from the roots bala = child, and asana = pose. Thus, Balasana means “child’s pose”. How to perform Balasana 1. Kneel to the ground on your knees. Sit on your heels with big toes touching each other and knees to the side about hip distance apart. 2. On an exhale, move your trunk and …

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            Derived from the roots bhujanga = snake, and asana = posture. Thus, Bhujangasana means to be in the posture of the snake. We often refer to this as the Cobra Pose (Dr. Jyoti Gangwal et al., 2019). This pose is characterized by lying prone on the ground while the back is bent and pointed …

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Adho Mukha Vrksasana

         Derived from the roots Adho = down, Mukha = face, Vrksa = tree. Thus, Adho Mukha means to keep the face in a downward direction. This pose is characterized by balancing on fully extended arms so that the body is completely inverted. How to perform Adho Mukha Vrksasana 1. Stand in Tadasana pose facing …

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half moon pose

The A-Z of Poses: Asana Guide to Ardha Chandrasana

Derived from the roots Ardha = half, Chandra = moon, Ardha Chandrasana is known as the half-moon pose. How to perform Ardha Chandrasana Stand in the pose of Tadasana and then perform Utthita Trikonasana. After moving to the position of Trikonasana on the right side, during a gentle and long exhalation, keep your right palm …

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