Soft bellies ~ Embody Peace

The “tighten up your core” instruction could be ignored when practising yoga. For sure, they may have their benefit for some particularly in the prevention of lower back pain etc, but those “core” instructions – are often incorrectly used in yoga and belong to the Fitness and Pilates domain. In yoga, we are aiming for …

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Bumble Bee Breath Mudra

Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine – Benefiting from the Bumble Bee Breath

Breath in through your NOSE and then HUMMMMMMMM….. There is little to no doubt that breathing through your nose has a multiplicity of benefits.  In fact, studies have shown that nasal breathing leads to a 10 – 15% higher oxidation of the blood (source)!  At the same time, studies are now also showing that nasal …

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A Brisbane Meditation Retreat with Celia Roberts

Meditation Teacher Training Scholarship

The BioMedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation has spent the past six months developing and integrating new research into their courses, cultivating an online learning programme that is most comprehensive – one that nourishes and benefits the mind and body, a programme that you will cherish.  Such benefits become available to all students with astute effort and diligence.

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