Cracking the Code of LOVE ~ The Brain in Love

Good Social & Emotional Relationships have the following benefits for your health: * reduce blood pressure and heart rate, likely due to the decrease of stress and sympathetic tone (Kamarck et al., 1990). * cardiovascular health (Uchino, 2006). * improved immune function and the presence of natural killer cells (Uchino, 2006). Natural killer cells are …

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Dream Yoga and The Science of Lucid Dreaming by Celia Roberts

(originally printed in Australian Yoga Journal) Explored in depth for centuries, lucid dreams, a kind of dream yoga, are a metaphysical phenomenon in which there is a present state awareness of dreaming. Not surprisingly, mindfulness practitioners experience more lucidity in sleep than non-practitioners; as they become more consciously attuned to their bodies state in their …

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Derived from the word danda = staff, and asana = pose. Thus, Dandasana means “Staff Pose”. How to perform Dandasana 1. Sit on the ground with your legs placed together, stretched out in front of you. If you feel that your body is leaning back, it may be due to the range of your hamstrings …

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What is EFT

You can listen to a great podcast with Dr Sue Johson, Founder of EFT here: Cracking the Code of Love One of the most important components that contribute to a happy and healthy life is the availability of loving and intimate relationships. Maintaining, healing, and deepening close relationships is a vital skill that is sure …

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Derived from the roots baka = crane, and asana = pose. Thus, Bakasana means “crane pose”. How to Perform Bakasana 1. Begin by standing in Tadasana. Then, squat downwards and keep your inner feet a few inches apart. If you are unable to place your heels on the ground, support them with a thickly folded …

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Baddha Konasana

Derived from the word baddha = bound, and the roots kona = angle, and asana = pose. Thus, Baddha Konasana means “Bound Angle Pose”. It is also referred to as “Cobbler’s Pose”, “Throne Pose”, and “Butterfly Pose”. How to Perform Baddha Konasana 1. Sit on the ground with the legs stretched and lengthened straight towards …

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